Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stages of Adjustment

When something traumatic has happened to us there's something known as the Stages of Adjustment that we must pass through. If you have had a traumatic event that has altered your appearance you must also deal with these stages. I hope reading this will help you to come to the point of acceptance, for it's in acceptance we can begin to make positive steps towards healing.

1. Shock - Inability to deal with the situation - not acknowledging what has happened.
2. Denial - Refusing to accept the situation.
3. Anger - Reaction to the situation that can vary from disturbed to rage. Don't be surprised by this, it's a human reaction.
4. Bargaining - "God if only..."
5. Acceptance. True acknowledgement and a willingness to deal with the situation.

An Aesthetic Camouflage Artist may be asked to serve a client at any point throughout the Stages of Adjustment. It's important for the artist be aware of these stages, without making judgments, but with an understanding of what the client may be going through at this point in his/her recovery. How important is it to remember that we are blessed to be part of the healing process? It's a privilege and a responsibility.

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