Monday, November 30, 2009

Botax – How does it affect me?

First of all, what is it? It's a proposed tax of 5% on any procedure considered optional and not medically necessary. That would include anything from Botox injections to breast augmentation. It is a piece of the health care reform bill that was passed by the Senate last Saturday.

"This tax is effectively a 'Soccer Mom' tax that will adversely impact mainstream American wives and mothers, who are the majority of plastic surgery patients," Renato Saltz, MD, President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said in a joint statement with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What it means for us regular people is that less and less middle class American women will be getting Botox and smaller “lifestyle” procedures due to the cost. But do you think women will just accept the fact that “perfection” is a little further out of reach? I don't think so.

My hope is that women will take back, into their own hands, the control over their appearance. I'm all for doing the best with what you have and we now have such a wide array of camouflage makeup that can enhance our appearance. With some good education and techniques we may look back one day on this “Botax” with fond memories. We may mark these days as the time we decided to go needle-free forever!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stages of Adjustment

When something traumatic has happened to us there's something known as the Stages of Adjustment that we must pass through. If you have had a traumatic event that has altered your appearance you must also deal with these stages. I hope reading this will help you to come to the point of acceptance, for it's in acceptance we can begin to make positive steps towards healing.

1. Shock - Inability to deal with the situation - not acknowledging what has happened.
2. Denial - Refusing to accept the situation.
3. Anger - Reaction to the situation that can vary from disturbed to rage. Don't be surprised by this, it's a human reaction.
4. Bargaining - "God if only..."
5. Acceptance. True acknowledgement and a willingness to deal with the situation.

An Aesthetic Camouflage Artist may be asked to serve a client at any point throughout the Stages of Adjustment. It's important for the artist be aware of these stages, without making judgments, but with an understanding of what the client may be going through at this point in his/her recovery. How important is it to remember that we are blessed to be part of the healing process? It's a privilege and a responsibility.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camouflage for Congenital issues

According to Wikipedia “A congenital physical anomaly is an abnormality of the structure of a body part. An anomaly may or may not be perceived as a problem condition.” 

Many people have such anomalies from birth and never consider doing a thing with them.  More power to them.  On the other hand, I grew up with freckles. From a young age they drove me crazy. When I talked to my doting father about them he just said, “Sheila, they are a sign of beauty.”  Even then the obvious made sense to me, “But Dad, I’d rather have the beauty than the sign of it!”

I eventually came to terms with my freckles and now hardly notice them.  I wish that for all who have a congenital issue that causes them concern.  This can range from freckles to port wine stains, brown birthmarks to my personal favorite dark under eye circles.  (thanks again Dad!) 

I have tried every dark circle product I can think of and have had a variety of responses.  I believe there is no perfect answer but with patience you can find what works for you.  Eve Pearl, one of my very favorite Makeup Artists espouses the use of the color salmon.  Among other things, she is famous for her concealer.

If you’ve got a solution that works well for you, I’d love to get your feedback.  Until the battle of the under eye is over…

Monday, October 19, 2009

Better eyelids, better outlook? - blepharoplasty, eyelids, procedure, quality of life, research, self-esteem, study, surgery, survey, under-eye bags - DailyBeauty™ - A beauty blog powered by NewBeauty® Magazine

I sheepishly admitted to my BFF last week that I would love to have this procedure done. "I know we always said we wouldn't do things like this, ya know, stay natural and all..." "Excuse me? I promised no such thing. As I remember it, we promised to do whatever was needed to look good!" Thank God for BFFs and their take (revision?) on history. After all, this article from New Beauty says it's good for us right:)

Better eyelids, better outlook? - blepharoplasty, eyelids, procedure, quality of life, research, self-esteem, study, surgery, survey, under-eye bags - DailyBeauty™ - A beauty blog powered by NewBeauty® Magazine

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