Monday, April 12, 2010

Cancer Care beauty class with Ramy

Just came from a beauty class that was marked with greatness not by the perfect skin on the models or the latest editorial trends in makeup. It was marked with greatness by the generosity of the teacher and the courage of the participants.

I sat in humility and awe as Ramy, a celebrity MUA that I really admire, shared his story of cancer survival. He was speaking to other cancer survivors at Cancer Care. His humor and strength shown through and were inspirational. He showed simple beauty techniques to help someone through what can be the hardest time of life. He spoke of using all your weapons to get into "battle mode" to fight cancer.

When he was going through chemo his big side affect was terrible dark circles. He applied a bit of concealer and some bronzer. His dentist thought he was just feeling better based how much better he looked. Even under those crazy bright lights of the dentist chair!

We agree that just making your face a bit brighter may be the weapon of choice one day to get through that particular day. I believe the patients in the class were inspired and even amazed at what a simple but profound difference a few minutes and a good application can make.

Ramy has a line of products that are beautiful, simple, hypoallergenic and fun! Check them out by clicking on the title of this post.

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  1. Hi Sheila, is there any other events or a place I can take my daughter to an appt on how to apply makeup and most important what products to use she has had discoid lupus since 12yrs old she is 17 new but still struggling with scares please email me or anyone who has info