Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are my eyes "close set"?

What does that mean and what do I do about it? If you've ever felt your eyes were close set, here's how to figure it out:

If the space between your eyes is less than the width of one eye you probably have marginally close set eyes.

What to do about it? - Use shading to make the difference. Lighter shades make an area appear larger.

* Use a slightly lighter foundation between your eyes.
* Shadow your eyes starting with the lightest color close to your nose and working the darker color on the outside corner of your eye. Use a clean brush to blend from the inside corner outwards.
* Make your eye liner thickest on the outer corner of your eye and thinning as it gets closer to your nose. Do not take the liner all the way to the inside corner
* Don't curl your lashes but use your mascara wand to brush the lashes to the outer corner - up and out.

These simple steps will create the illusion that your eyes are further apart than they really are and you'll just love batting those lashes!!

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