Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Working with complications of Lupus

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing people at the Lupus Foundation. These women and men allowed me to help them with the effects Lupus has on their appearance. The courage they show along with the support and humor humbles me. (pictures to follow)

I'm reminded of a few things in Aesthetic Camouflage:

1. Sanitation - Can't be overstated; So important for a person with a compromised immune system.

2. Hypo allergenic - good but not the "be all end all". We could use more products that have this classification, but some people will still have reactions, so TEST TEST TEST.

3. Be a learner - this one's easy for me because I have so much to learn and many who have gone before who are willing to teach me.

I'll post the pictures as soon as I have them. Thanks so much to Danielle who invited me to the support group and the members who encouraged me that what I'm doing in Aestetic Camouflage is worthwhile.

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